I'm kzk and I'm gr8 ok.
My name is Samm and I'm 22. I live in Kansas.
This is my personal blog, not a kawaii blog. Sometimes I post "ugly" content. Sometimes I post weight loss shit. I'm not sorry.

☆I, my, me, mine☆
^original content, me, and things I've made^

I'm currently on a ketosis diet. I started on my birthday (May 7th) in 2013. It's working well so far. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
HW: 167
CW: 149
GW: 140
GW: 130
GW: 120
GW: 110
GW: 100
UGW: 95

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you guys
think about how kawaii i’ll be once i actually have money to buy shit
orientation on wednesday! as well as the internet getting shut off.

and these are my financial priorities in order:
1. deposit+rent on new apt
2. fix sean’s laptop
3. kawaii bitch YUP
4. treadmill
5. fix everything on car or sell+new car
6. obtain a flat-brim hat with my name on it, get hella stacks and street cred for killing innocent people who didn’t do anything to me and pushing rock as my rapping alter ego, Kay Zee Killa - also put out several best-selling albums and buy classic cars i don’t know anything about so i can be featured on mtv cribs
7. buy an island in the tropics and retire at the ripe old age of 25 in my house made of diamonds

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