I'm kzk and I'm gr8 ok.
My name is Samm and I'm 22. I live in Kansas.
This is my personal blog, not a kawaii blog. Sometimes I post "ugly" content. Sometimes I post weight loss shit. I'm not sorry.

☆I, my, me, mine☆
^original content, me, and things I've made^

I'm currently on a ketosis diet. I started on my birthday (May 7th) in 2013. It's working well so far. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
HW: 167
CW: 149
GW: 140
GW: 130
GW: 120
GW: 110
GW: 100
UGW: 95

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Why are people so obsessed with hating people they don’t know? Sometimes I feel like I dedicate my life to being madly in LOVE with people I don’t know.

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